Open Training

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Free training is from 20.30 – 22.30 or later at the supervisors discretion.

It is currently run weekday evenings except Tuesdays.


For free training the booster exception is in place, however we urge our members to please think about taking a test before coming to training anyway to protect your colleagues.

Please be aware that as open sessions are unguided, we cannot accept liability for any occurrences of injury or damage to personal property. Training is conducted at your own risk.

Enjoy training!

Your Vuesch Open Training Team


  • Participants must observe the 3m distance specified by the authorities.
    This results in 10 training places per free training: up to 7 in flight space, up to 3 in movement space.

    2G plus test. For free training the booster exception is in place, however we urge our members to please think about taking a test before coming to training anyway to protect your colleagues.

    If people are a couple or live in a common household, they do not have to follow distance rules. Then 2 people can share one of the 10 places. Partner acrobatics is only allowed in this case.

    We have decided to trial our original system of just showing up to class and free-training without pre-registration for the next month and see how it works.
    For free-training we can take a maximum of 24 people in total. Aerial spots will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis, although please be considerate to other members and try to find a sharing compromise so that all have the opportunity to train a bit during the evening.
    Please remember that Vuesch is a 2G venue – please present your vaccination/recovered status to your supervisor or teacher.

    Enter and leave from the fire escape up the spiral staircase to the left-hand side of the building, the door will be open 15 mins before the class.

    We only start at 8:30 pm as we still have to disinfect after the courses.

    We need to keep a contact tracking list for all participants. The data will only be used for infection tracking and will be destroyed after 4 weeks.

    • Open training is Monday to Friday from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm (sometimes a little longer). Any discipline any day.
    • Entrance via the fire stairs (spiral staircase on the side of the building). Please not before 8:30 pm If the door is closed, knock loudly. The normal entrance is now mostly closed.
    • Enter your name, address, telephone and email each time in the tracking list.
    • Observe a distance of 3 m when exercising
    • 10 training places maximum. 4 suspension points for aerial acrobatics, 3 in flight space, 1 in movement space
    • If possible, use the puzzle mats and disinfect them after use. At the moment there is only one of the roll mats.
    • We recommend bringing a towel or a yoga mat for stretching, etc.
    • If you use crash mats, disinfect them after use

  • Open training takes place weekday evenings from 20:30 until 22:30, although this can sometimes be extended if the overseer remains on site. The training is generally without guidance, although tips are welcome. All disciplines are welcome to practice each evening, although aerial spots are limited so please be considerate.

    Participation is free of charge for all club members. Non-members can join in for a fee of € 4.00 per session. In winter, all participants (whether members or non-members) are expected to contribute € 0.50 per hour towards heating costs.

    As all our staff are volunteers, regular members are invited to assist with construction or cleaning once or twice a year.

8:15 pm All disciplines – flight area

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