Open Training

The free training has a summerbreak until the 10.09. Until then, there are trainings on Mondays evening.
For Classes information, please double check with the Teachers.

Open training takes place Monday to Friday from 20:15 until 22:30, although this can sometimes be extended if the overseer remains on site. The training is generally without guidance, although tips are welcome.

Participation is free of charge for all club members. Non-members can join in for a fee of €4.00 per session. In winter, all participants (whether members or non-members) are expected to contribute €0.50 per hour towards heating costs.

As all our staff are volunteers, regular members are invited to assist with construction or cleaning once or twice a year.

Please be aware that as open sessions are unguided, we cannot accept liability for any occurrences of injury or damage to personal property. Training is conducted at your own risk.

  • 20:15 Uhr Hula Hoop – Bewegungsraum

    Kontakt: Birte
    0157 38671519 /

    20:15 Uhr Jonglage & Spinning – Flugraum

    Kontakt: Angelika Ohlert / 0172 1767338

  • 20:15 Uhr Luft- & Partnerakrobatik – Flugraum
    Kontakt: Asia
    0152 56076851 /

  • 20:15 Uhr Jonglage – Flugraum


    20:30 Uhr Clown – Bewegungsraum

    Hier probieren sich Änfänger wie professionelle Clowns gemeinsam aus. Genau wie bei den anderen freien Trainings auch gibt es beim Clownstraining keinen Übungs- oder Kursleiter, jedoch bereitet einer der TeilnehmerInnen die Trainingsübungen vor.

    Kontakt: Fränze
    0174 2453926 /

  • 20:15 Uhr Akrobatik – Flugraum

    Kontakt: Christian 0152 56361731 /

  • 20:15 Uhr Alle Disziplinen – Flugraum