The courses are on-going offers from individual trainers, and cost € 13.00 per participant. There is also a 10-Class-pass available for € 100 that is valid for 6 months and gives the holder access to all available courses. Payment in cash only.

No dance class Monday 20th June




Monday 10am – Contemporary dance, Caro, theatre lounge

Monday 6.15pm – Handstands, Moritz, movement room

Monday 6.15pm – Trapeze, Jana, flight room

Tuesday 6.15pm – Contemporary dance, Caro, theatre lounge

Tuesday 6.15pm – Silks, Mareike, flight room

Wednesday 6.15pm – Pole, Anja, flight room

Wednesday 6.15pm – Handstands, Moritz, movement room

Wednesday 6.15pm hula hoop, Jessie and Hanna, movement room

Thursday 10.00 – silks, Jana, flight room PAUSED FROM MAY

Friday 6.15pm – Aerial hoop, Jessie, flight room

The corona restrictions are relaxing and we are allowed to go back to normal numbers of students per class – maximum 15 students per class.
For free-training we can take a maximum of 24 people in total. Aerial spots will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis, although please be considerate to other members and try to find a sharing compromise so that all have the opportunity to train a bit during the evening.

Enter and leave from the fire escape up the spiral staircase to the left-hand side of the building, the door will be open 15 mins before the class.

The courses take place between 18:15 and 20:15, or 10:00 and 12:00.

If you are unclear about any details, please feel free to contact your trainer directly.

  • 10:00 am Contemporary Dance – Theater Lounge

    Analysing the importance of the spine in connection with the center and the body extremities, as well as the importance of being conscious of movement vectors, we will play with level changing, weight transfer, spatial awareness and energy management. What do we have to release or how do we redirect the energy of the movement in order to find a momentum? How to navigate between higher and lower levels – going in and out of the floor – using minimum effort? The classes are developed through very physical and dynamic choreographic compositions.

    Open for all levels.

    Caroline Alves / /

    18:15 Classic hand-balancingMovement room

    This handstand class is aimed at beginners as well as advanced people. while the exercises changes regularly the structure stays the same. It includes warm-up, tension exercises, technique training, strength training and stretching.
    With constant participation, body tension, coordination, balance, strength and stretching will be improved step by step and qualifies you to do a safe and healthy handstand.
    With the advanced students I am working on various figures, press-up and one-arm techniques.
    For those who prefer to drink beer on Fridays, who are impatient or simply want the complete program I now offer an additional Monday class. Same space, same time, new tricks.

    Moritz / +49 176 935 73 696 / /

    18:15 Trapeze – Aerial Training Room

    In her trapeze class, Jana pays special attention to breathing techniques, momentum and beats, inner strength, and ergonomic training. The class is open to all levels. She rather focuses on basic details and aerial body knowledge than teaching tricks.

    All levels.

    Jana /

  • 18:15 Silks – Aerial Training Room

    This class is suitable for people who are interested in learning the basics of aerial silks as well as for those who are advanced and want to focus on transitions, creativity and expression in the air.

    Mareike / /

    18:15 Contemporary Dance Theater Lounge

    This class explores the body’s gravity and center as a starting point for the movement. We use strengthening elements and release based exercises through movement structures. We also play with level changing, weight transfer, spatial awareness and energy management by using floor work. What do we have to release or how do we redirect the energy of the movement in order to find a momentum? How to work the connections and transitions from one movement to another, allowing the body to pass from flowing to fragmented qualities?

    Energy managing tools will be taught as a way to improve the ability of spending only the necessary amount of energy in order to perform certain movements.

    This training requires physicality and aims to create an opportunity for the body to fully express itself.

    For dancers, performers, acrobats and anyone interested in moving.

    Caroline Alves / /

  • 18:15 Hula Hoop All levels – Movement Room

    Begins February 2022.

    Jessie Walters and Hanna Lange will share this class, teaching a mixture of single and multi-hoop tricks, along with chances to improve your flow and learn new sequences. 2G plus test. 13€ Beginners and intermediate welcome.

    Jessie Walters – jessierosecircus (at)

    Hanna Lange – hanna (at)

    10:00 am Trapeze all levels – Movement Room


    Mareike /

    18:15 Chinese Pole / Vertical Pole – Aerial Training Room

    What you need to bring: Jeans, sportsshoes / trainers with a thin sole, 1-2 long-sleeved shirts

    Anja Gessenhardt /

    18:15 Dynamic Handstands  – Movement Room

    This course is aimed at people who want to broaden their handstand horizon, whose static handstand training lacks a dynamic component and at those who simply want to move a little differently. It includes warm-up, static and dynamic pre-exercises, technique training, strength training and stretching.
    Various ascents and descents are trained (such as backward roll-to-handstand, makako-to-handstand, handstand-1/2-turn-roll, handstand-to-KipUp) as well as the classic handstand. A further focus is on learning correct and safe spotting as well as their application during the lessons.
    For a more balanced and effective training I also offer an static handstand training on Friday. Same time, same space.

    Moritz / +49 176 935 73 696 / /

  • 10:00 am Silks class – Aerial Training Room

    Main focus of this silks class is: basic body and movement knowledge for aerial and upside-down work, silks logic, and precise details. This provides the ability to create own choreographies and broadens the repertoire of tricks.

    The class is open to all levels.

    Jana, Mareike /  /

    18:15 partner acrobatics for advanced – Movement Room

    Paused for the moment – check back later

    7.30 p.m. Silk course for Intermediate and Advanced Level – in Circus Schatzinsel May-Aiym-Ufer 4

    Paused for the moment – check back later

    This class is for people who already have some experience with aerial silks and want to push their technical and improvisational skills. In the class we work on:

    • Solo and partner silks
    • beats
    • strength and conditioning
    • improvisation

    Participants should be able to do:

    • climb up in different ways
    • straddle up
    • Hip lock
    • hang comfortably from their hands

    Rike / 01759155481 /  /

  • 18:15 Aerial Hoop course – with Jessie

    This class is suitable for all levels. We will be covering technique, creative tasks, poses and transitions, with challenges for those who have experience, as well as those who are new to the apparatus.

    Jessie / 0176 28073290 /  jessierosecircus (at)  /