We want to offer a safe space for our guests and members, and expect everyone to treat each other with respect.

We do not want any racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory attitudes, actions or statements in our rooms (or anywhere else!)

If something of this nature happens to you, or you observe it, please: say something, write us an email, intervene!


Vuesch Open Training and regular classes are restarting!

Please check our facebook for updates. Due to summer schedules the classes are not back to their full timetable yet, check the classes page for updates.

The freetraining schedule will be updated regularly and available for booking from Saturday for the week ahead. Pre-registration is essential. The sign up sheet is here: https://terminplaner4.dfn.de/ewWtTJKGsfPljYjF

Please read all the information carefully before signing up


Circus classes are back!

Monday morning dance 10

Monday eve trapeze 18.15

Monday eve classic handstands 18.15

Tuesday eve silks 18.15

Tuesday eve dance 18.15

Wednesday morning trapeze 10.00

Wednesday evening dynamic handstands 18.15

Wednesday evening Chinese pole 18.15

Thursday morning silks 10.00

Friday evening hoop 18.15

Pre-registration essential: https://terminplaner4.dfn.de/3EHDsYlkvSSZGFJ2


All members must respect the hygiene concept.

In general, indoor courses and training take place with 8 people (including you). During open training participants need to keep 3m distance rule between one another, that means maximum 10 people in Flugraum, and 6 in Bewegungsraum. A few teachers are also offering outdoor classes and practice – please contact them directly through facebook or whatsapp.

  • Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after training.
    No mask is required during class or training.
  • Please use the puzzlemats that can be disinfected after use, or better still, bring your own mat or towel to stretch on.
  • Observe signs on the floor indicating where you should stay.
  • Please don’t use our restrooms, unless TOTALLY necessary.
  • We will have to collect your data for Corona tracking reasons: name, address, phone, email.
  • We will only use the data in case of an infection alert. The data will be deleted after 4 weeks.
  • Teachers are using a sign-up system to make it easier to control, please check with your teacher individually or check the Vuesch / aerial classes at Vuesch facebook pages.
Juggling: use your own props. In case of exchange, wash them properly. Acrobatics: after use of matts and equipment, disinfect them. Aerial: please do not share props. Make sure you disinfect the crash mats at the end of your session.

Welcome to
the circus arts association of Friedrichshain / Kreuzberg.

On our website you will find all the information you require about the club structure, content, offers and how you can take part.

Come and have a look, don’t be shy!