Vüsch at Villa Kuriosum


This weekend will be a journey through the different faces of Vüsch’s artistic creations


c/o Villa Kuriosum, Scheffelstr. 21, Berlin Lichtenberg


Saturday 8th October

Sunday 9th October


Feeling A – Doing Loss

a piece by bandtheater

1./2./3.10.22 , 19h

Berlin, Circus Schatzinsel

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Erfurt ’89, after the summer vacations. Anja enters the classroom. Steffen, the Nazi, is still there. Moritz is gone. Janet is still there. Nicole is gone. The principal is still there. Unlike her husband. He has also moved over. In the years 1989/90, the phenomenon of being-there and being-away continues. Little by little, things from the everyday life disappear. In their place, new things are added and overwrite the previously valid reality. There is hardly any time for farewells. Germany reunited. Can this mean less than more? What do we remember in the context of turnaround and unification narratives? Is there a legitimation for a sense of loss in this? Based on interviews of the theater maker Anika Lachnitt with the artist Anja Gessenhardt and in collaboration with the video artist Friederike Bérat and the dramaturge Dag Lohde, Feeling A – Doing Loss is a poetic commemorative performance beyond the normative historiography. Using means of documentary theater and contemporary circus, the piece weaves together biographical narratives of upheaval, coming of age, and the experience of loss, and traces the arc from 1989 to the present day.